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Impact of on-line Healthcare portals

A recent market research says that

  • 45 % of online consumers are using a patient portal every year.
  • 28 % haven’t tried a patient portal yet but are interested in using them.

In today’s fast-paced cyber world, many consumers’ expectation is to interact quickly and conveniently with all aspects of their lives. They rely on websites, mobile apps, and social media to gather information and interact not just with their friends but also with service providers and retailers.

This expectation of fast-and-easy access to on-line healthcare provider choices holds true for patients as well. Taking this further few organizations also provide a secure website through which healthcare consumers can access any information and can fetch certain information from electronic health records (EHRs).

On-line healthcare portals typically enable users to report enquiries online, communicate with their healthcare providers, search for medical information and even schedule medical appointments.  These portals can benefit both patients and providers by enhancing access and increasing administrative efficiency and productivity.

Though relatively new in internet and web space, the future will see majority of healthcare providers going online to list in healthcare discovery portals to be accessible to medical consumers &users - many of them are young, tech-savvy patients, or caregivers who prefer to locate their healthcare providers online rather than through the traditional word-of-mouth method.

Comprehensive online listing of hospitals, clinics and profiles of doctors (physicians & surgeons) will lead to a revolution in terms of matching the needs of patients with the right healthcare providers

The impact of online healthcare portals will be transformative in the long history of healthcare delivery system. On-line healthcare portals are poised to create significant impact on improved quality of care and patient loyalty. For instance, mobile app technologies help to search, review and locate healthcare providers data which alleviates the decision making speed and convenience for patients & care givers.

To know more about how you can leverage healthcare portals to have a significant impact contact us.

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