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Reviews & Ratings relevancy for Healthcare industry

User-driven Reviews and Ratings websites are extremely popular, influential and making a positive impact for discovery of quality providers, choice for consumers and feedback for improvement. Industries like hotels, tourism & travel, restaurants are all significantly mature where customers now-a-days almost always locate, review and then decide in most situations

Many of the industry verticals mentioned above are not life-critical and serve primarily for our recreational pleasure. Our Healthcare choices are paramount and they are more significant in their impact on our lives and our loved ones.

A robust online healthcare portal that enables us to provide ratings and reviews for hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers and doctors is invaluable and much needed for the healthcare industry. Patients or care givers after availing the services can share feedback based on their experiences. We believe that user-driven Ratings and Reviews will become an integral part of healthcare business, with the philosophy of “helping patients to make the right choice”.

As healthcare providers are becoming more specialised and varied, healthcare consumers are increasingly looking to review and rating systems to help select providers and to have a clear idea about the right fit specialist for the necessary treatment. Patients by submitting reviews and ratings on healthcare providers help other healthcare consumers and caregivers to find the best treatment at their preferred geographic location. The reviews and ratings submitted by patients are solely experiential in nature and hence not biased. It would help other healthcare consumers and patients to get different perspectives and see what other people experiences were.

Patient feedbacks, ratings, and social media sites will play a huge role in the decision-making process and have the potential to create a significant impact on both providers as well as consumers. In addition to the number of patients using online reviews, statistic data points that “The growing importance of reviews sites is that nearly 44 % of respondents said they would consider going for treatment with a doctor if his reviews are better when compared to others”.

As a provider it’s high time that you started building up your base of positive reviews for your medical specialization. As a consumer, to know your right fit specialist and the best treatment for your ailment visit us @

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