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The era of tech-savvy patients and care givers

As technology becomes a more important part of many people's lives, the next 10 years will witness a massive change and opportunities for healthcare providers to leverage the internet space to attract their targeted medical consumers.

Similarly, there are increasingly more avenues for patients to use technology to search and discover health information and communicate with doctors. Many healthcare providers have started to develop their own websites that allow patients to know more about their infrastructure, facilities and services. However, as these are their own websites under the healthcare providers’ control the element of neutrality is missing and bias is higher. Hence, the need for healthcare providers to seek alternate ways to communicate with their patients using online portals, handheld devices and other mobile apps are increasing.

As many potential consumers are turning to the Internet for shopping, banking, entertainment, and communications; they also expect to handle certain aspects of their healthcare services online. Tech-savvy patients not only search health info, remedy for their ailment they also look for information about healthcare providers to review and assess

42% of patients Endeavour to virtually access a physician, while 62% are ready to make use of technology such as online scheduling, according to a recent survey.

This means health care providers like hospitals, clinics, diagnostics and doctors need to expand digital options if they want to attract healthcare consumers and caregivers to stay ahead of competition in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. And this will help patients meet the right specialists besides bring down second opinions, increasing faster medical care and overall increasing the effectiveness of the healthcare ecosystem

As digitally engaged patients/caregivers population continues to grow, healthcare industry need to consider the role that Internet & Mobile Apps play in making healthcare more convenient for patients of all ages at different touch points

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