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FAQ for hospitals/clinics/diagnostics/doctors

Healthcare Service Providers

  1. What is My Hospital Advisor?
    ANS: MHA is an online portal where a healthcare service provider can register and be viewed for the services offered

  2. How does registering at My Hospital Advisor help you?
    ANS: Primarily your presence/service will get visibility and the unbiased feedback you receive from your medical consumer will increase your credibility online.

  3. Why should I sign up for the premium account? What are the benefits of signing up for the premium account?
    ANS: If you sign up for a premium account you can distinguish yourself from others and have exclusive privilege. Signing up a premium account will enable you to use additional features in our website like more tabs to share your information, unlimited photo upload etc among other privileges.

  4. How many photos can I upload in my premium account?
    ANS: As a premium account holder, you can upload unlimited number of photos.

  5. Can I pay my subscription amount online?
    ANS: Yes, you can pay the subscription amount through online. We have both online and offline payment methods to ensure easy registration.

  6. What discount benefit do I get for signing up for the premium account on long term basis?
    ANS: You can enjoy a discount up to 5% for half yearly accounts, 10% for annual subscription.

  7. How can I advertise on MHA website? Whom should I contact to post an advertisement?
    ANS: You can fill the relevant details in the advertisement application form available here and our personnel will contact you. You should contact our admin team to post an advertisement.

  8. Who is going to review my services?
    ANS: Reviews will be done by actual patients or patient attainders who have availed your services.

  9. How does MHA monitor fake reviews? What action is taken against a fake review writer?
    ANS: It is mandatory for a patient/reviewer to enter the hospital MR no. You can raise concerns to our website admin if you feel a review is a fake. MHA will look into it and if the review is proved to be fake, we will block the review. If a writer posts a fake review, MHA will block the fake review writer’s account.

  10. Will my information stay safe at MHA?
    ANS: Our clients are important to us. Your information will stay safer with us.

  11. I see my establishment is already listed in MHA data base. How do I access my account?
    Please write to our admin with an ID proof to confirm your association with the organization, we will give you a username & password to access the account.

  12. My Hospital is not listed on MHA database, what should I do to get it listed?
    To get listed just log in to the portal ( and complete the registration process. You need to go for Premium account to unlock full features.

FAQ for Reviewers.

Healthcare Consumers

  1. What is My Hospital Advisor?
    ANS: MHA is an online portal where a healthcare service provider can register and be viewed for the services offered

  2. As a reviewer what is needed to authenticate my review?
    ANS: Medical record number (MR no) and patient details as in the hospital records are mandatory to authenticate your reviews.

  3. What is the objective of writing a review?
    ANS: To share personal feedback and experience with others who are on the brink of taking similar decision’s.

  4. Can I upload pictures of the actual site?
    ANS: Yes, users can upload pictures of the actual site.

  5. Why are reviews for doctors not allowed?
    ANS: We at MHA feel that it is objective to review a service and infrastructure. It is extremely difficult to review opinions of doctors and their treatment unless there is extensive subject knowledge for the reviewer. Hence for doctors we have a 5 star rating scale which users can rate accordingly.

  6. Can two reviewers post reviews from the same IP address
    ANS: Yes, Each user will have separate login id and they can post their review through their respective ids from same Ips.

  7. Who all can see my review?
    ANS: All the users of the website can see your review; it will guide them in taking decisions regarding a service.

  8. What can a reviewer do if his post is genuine but the hospital claims it is fake?
    ANS: The reviewer can prove to admin that his review is genuine by sending the relevant proof. Once this is proved to be genuine the admin will re-activate the post and account.

  9. Can I share prices of surgery / treatment on my hospital Advisor?
    ANS: No, we don’t want you to share the cost, as for a particular surgery itself it can vary depending on the kind of implant that is chosen and additional service that you have requested.

  10. Can Healthcare Service providers be compared on MHA?
    ANS: No, MHA is solely for service review & rating, here we do not compare any healthcare service providers.

  11. Can procedures and treatment be compared and reviewed on MHA?
    ANS: No, procedures & treatments cannot be compared on MHA as it can vary from doctor to doctor and it also differs based on patient health condition.

Guidelines For review

We welcome your honest opinion about the service--positive or negative.

  • Do not use profanity

  • Do not write the treatment whether correct or wrong

  • No singling out or attacking a doctor

  • Don’t Compare prices between Hospitals & procedures

  • Advertisements, promotional material or repeated posts that make the same point excessively