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Manu Hospital
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Manu hospital is one of the leading multispeciali…
Balaji Neuro Psychiatric Centre
3 Reviews
BNPC, a dedicated and integrated outpatient centr…
Bioline Laboratory
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Dr. Velumani S.
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Keep an eye on your eye

Comprehensive Care & Cure Of Cataract Research and surveys show that every 5 seconds one individual in the world goes blind. It has been found that about 60% of the blind people in the world live in India. One person per 1000 population in India …

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In this day & age of advancement in medical technology & surgical procedures, the role of a family doctor has diminished with a number of specialties and sub specialties in the medical field. This has made it complicated for medical consumers to choose and access the right medical services. For today's Tech savvy generation, the Internet plays a major role in providing information and influencing people who look for the best suitable treatment at a desired cost besides the infrastructure of hospitals & other state-of-the-art facilities...

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